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Girl. 30. Remixing Rapunzel. May 28, 2013

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CASE NUMBER 01-04030201

APRIL 19, 2013

Gadget:  The date is April 19th, time is…. 18hundred hours.  I am Inspector Gadget, and I will be interviewing Jason Prince today, at Castle Police Station.  Also present is DC Woody who took the initial call out.  Jason, can you confirm your full name and date of birth.  

Prince:  *coughs* Uhem. Hiiyaa, My name is Jason Prince, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Knightsbridge.

Gadget:  This isn’t a dating show Jason.  In your own time, can you tell me what happened at lunch time today.

Prince: I thought I’d try the pub for lunch, the new one ya know?  Up on.. er.. Used to be called the Moat.. Anyways, I’m a vegeterian but all the chef could offer me were Linda McCartney’s frozen sausages or the veggies off of the carvery.  Weren’t happy so I

Gadget: Jason, please stick to the events after your lunch.  Specifically involving Tangled Hair and Beauty.

Prince: Sorry mate.  Sara called me, after my shitty lunch.  Shit sorry, I’m probably not meant to swear in these things am I?  

Gadget: Sara?

Prince: Sara Punzel.  She’s me bird.  Hot you know?  Not like Cheryl Cole hot.  Or that Lorraine bird off of the tele hot, but she has got legs up to her eyes and hair down to her peachy little

Gadget: Jason.  Please stick to what happened.

Prince: Yeah well, she’d gone to Tangled, had her hair extensions stuck back in or whatever they do, and she couldn’t pay.  I bought her a new wallet, sorry, purse, the uvver day, and bless her, she aint the brightest of the bulbs.  Fink she’d tried paying wiv her WISA card.  Ya know?  The free one ya get in the purse.  Din’t go down too well wiv the hairdresser

Gadget: Aaah, Miss… *shuffling of papers can be heard*   Witchy?  

Prince: Yeah well I fink she thought Sara was pulling a fast one.  She weren’t though, she’s just.. well… she suits being blond ya know?  

Gadget: What were Miss Witchy and Miss Punzel doing when you arrived Jason?

Prince: Um… well.. when I first got there you mean?

Gadget: Yes.  What was the situation when you first arrived.  What were Miss Witchy and Miss Punzel doing?

Prince: *barely audible* I dunno.

Gadget: You don’t know?  Why not?

Prince: Well… ya see.. the fing is.. I couldn’t see.  I went into the salon off of the high street and it had been all hot and sunny so I was wearing my new sunnies, ya know?  The ones what change when ya go from out to in?  Yeah well I think I got done over wiv mine cos it took a few minutes for the glasses to go clear and I couldn’t see jack shit.  I walked straight into the coat stand and Sara had to help me over to the desk where we waited til they went clear again.  So ya see, by the time I could see anything, there weren’t no fighting going on.  It looked like there was fighting but not when I was there.  

Gadget: So what happened then?

Prince: That Miss Witchy, she kept saying she wanted her hair extensions back off of Sara, and that if she can’t pay then she can’t keep them.  Sara’s hair was a right mess.  She weren’t looking pretty and I thought, thats fine by me keep ‘em.  Sara was trying to pay with this bloody WISA card, couldn’t understand what the problem was.  Bloody make up all over the show..  So I did the right thing din’t I?  I stepped up, I was a man.

Gadget: What did you do?

Prince: I showed Sara where her real VISA card was.  




Girl. 30. Talking. May 23, 2013

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Her eyes flicker open.
“She’s waking up.” A woman shouts to someone she can’t see. “Can you hear me? Nod if you can hear me.”
“I can hear you.” Isabella whispers. “I can hear you.”
“Oh thank God. Oh thank the Lord above and all his shiny shiny angels. Help is on its way, they are on their way. Just stay with us. Keep talking. Tell me your name. What is your name?”
“Isabella. My name is Isabella. What happened?” She tries to sit up, but feels pressure on her shoulders, keeping her down.
“Don’t try and move, Isabella, Mikey’s got hold of you, he won’t let you move, we can’t risk you doing yourself more damage. You stay there young lady.” Isabella watches the woman as she looks at her watch. She can see the worry in her eyes, but takes comfort in her stern voice.
“How you feeling?” A male voice now, she assumes it is the unseen Mikey. “How’s your head?”
“Mikey? What happened, Mikey?” Isabella asks. She tries to look up, take a look at the stranger keeping her still.
“Do as the lady says Bella. I’m no Doctor but I think you better stay as you are. It was a pretty nasty hit.”
“I was hit? What hit me?”
“Jeez, I was just starting my shift, I haven’t even clocked in yet. And look at the state of my trousers. Fresh on this morning. Now look at them. Covered in….”
“Blood? I’m bleeding?” Isabella lifts her arm up to her face, to find the source.
“What? No, well, a little, but not a lot. You’ve got a cut on your forehead but it’s mainly a lump. It’s gonna bruise up real nice.”
“Ok, thats enough now Mikey, thank you.” Isabella looks at the woman who is frowning at Mikey.
“Do I know you?” Isabella asks the woman. “What is your name?”
“I’m Clare. I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve met.”
“I recognise you. Are you sure we’ve not met before?” Isabella tilts her head, trying to get a better view.
“I’m sure. Is there anyone you want us to call?” Clare asks, brushing the loose strands of her hair that were sticking to her face aside. Her eyes were darting from Mikey to Isabella and back to her watch.
“We’ve spoken before. I remember. You were trying to get the same box of tea-bags as me. The ones with the 50% extra free in them. I remember. You weren’t happy cos I was quicker than you. I remember. Then I saw you here, in this aisle and you couldn’t get past..”
“Oh… of course, that was you? Huh, I was having a bad day…” Clare’s face reddens.
“Mikey, please, I feel fine, if you could just let me get up?” Isabella pushes herself up against Mikey’s strong hands, and, feeling a little give, pushes further. Mikey, who had been resting on his haunches, stumbles backwards. Isabella pulls herself up into a sitting position and surveys the mess surrounding her.
“Baked Beans? I was hit by tins of Baked Beans?”
“And Spaghetti.” Mikey contributes, signaling to the mess on his trousers.