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Something you should know.. November 24, 2013

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I have a Hetty Hoover.  When I hoover my house, I pull Hetty along behind me and talk to her.  I say things like;

“Hetty, you can get in that corner, I know you can.”


“Come on Hetty, keep up.”

It is not only Hetty I talk to.  I also talk to Mike the Microwave, Stevie the TV, Freddy the Fridge and Walter the Washer.  Oh, and Tumbly (the tumble drier).

Is that weird?



One Response to “Something you should know..”

  1. @hell4heather Says:

    Nice post! I have a Henry Hoover. I recently bought him some new tools and gave him a makeover rather than buying a new one. He’s the best guy in town. Maybe they could hook up? 😉

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