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Getting Married in McDonalds… July 16, 2014

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A while ago I had a dream that myself and and a friend were in McDonalds.  Nothing new there you may say.

Quite often I dream of McFlurries and cheeseburgers without gherkins and relish.

But that is by the by… (whatever that means).

Back to my dream.  I dreamt that my friend and I were discussing the fact that my other half doesn’t want to marry me (sob).

She suggested that I surprise him.  I should set up the whole day, arrange everything, and Mr Me would just turn up and marry me.  Apparently.

I couldn’t decide where to set my wedding.  Until I looked around.  And decided that we should do it in McDonalds.  PERFECT.

The staff were fantastic (in my dream) and the very next day, I managed to persuade Mr Me to meet me at McDonalds.  On the way there, I lost my nerve and told him what was happening.

I was shocked to discover that he was keen.  In fact his exact words were; “Lets get this over with then.” (in my dream).

So we went to McDonalds, and I got really upset because I realised that I wasn’t going to get a lovely wedding breakfast.  I was going to get a McChicken Sandwich.

So I called the wedding off.

I woke up with mixed emotions.  Ecstatic that Mr Me had finally agreed to marry me.  Annoyed at myself that I had cancelled my own wedding.

Even if it was only in my dream.

Anyway, I found this article today…

McDonalds Wedding.

Check it out.  I’m not the only one that thought it was a good idea.  (in my dream).