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Life… Oh Life… October 20, 2014

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I don’t want to see a ghost
It’s a sight that I fear most
I’d rather have a piece of toast
And watch the evening news

I have realised something.

Life is full of situations.  Some situations you want to be in.  Some situations you really don’t want to be in.

Some situations make you sit up straight and wonder what the f*** you have ever done in life to deserve the situation you are in right now.

Some people may think that it our decisions that put us into these situations, but I am not sure.

I am somebody that cannot make decisions.  In order to avoid situations I don’t want to be in, I make other people make my decisions for me, so I can blame them when it all goes wrong.

But sometimes, life puts you in a situation that tests you, makes you see who your real friends are, what really matters in life, and it chooses you for a reason.  That reason may not be clear at the time, and it may never be truly clear to you, but eventually, the reasons for these situations make you, or your family, or your friends, stronger than you (or they) have ever been.

I love my current situation.  I love my family, my friends, my soulmate, my house and my dog.

But there is always another situation…just round the corner.


Getting Married in McDonalds… July 16, 2014

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A while ago I had a dream that myself and and a friend were in McDonalds.  Nothing new there you may say.

Quite often I dream of McFlurries and cheeseburgers without gherkins and relish.

But that is by the by… (whatever that means).

Back to my dream.  I dreamt that my friend and I were discussing the fact that my other half doesn’t want to marry me (sob).

She suggested that I surprise him.  I should set up the whole day, arrange everything, and Mr Me would just turn up and marry me.  Apparently.

I couldn’t decide where to set my wedding.  Until I looked around.  And decided that we should do it in McDonalds.  PERFECT.

The staff were fantastic (in my dream) and the very next day, I managed to persuade Mr Me to meet me at McDonalds.  On the way there, I lost my nerve and told him what was happening.

I was shocked to discover that he was keen.  In fact his exact words were; “Lets get this over with then.” (in my dream).

So we went to McDonalds, and I got really upset because I realised that I wasn’t going to get a lovely wedding breakfast.  I was going to get a McChicken Sandwich.

So I called the wedding off.

I woke up with mixed emotions.  Ecstatic that Mr Me had finally agreed to marry me.  Annoyed at myself that I had cancelled my own wedding.

Even if it was only in my dream.

Anyway, I found this article today…

McDonalds Wedding.

Check it out.  I’m not the only one that thought it was a good idea.  (in my dream).





Daylight Savings… Daylight Robbery.. October 29, 2013

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Am I the only person in this country who can gain an extra hour in the day..

Yet still be late for absolutely everything??

It’s like I suffer from some kind of backward jet lag.


Like this morning, I tried and tried to get out of bed at my normal time of 6:30.. which last week would have been 7:30 today (right?) so I should have been bounding out of bed all fresh faced and ready for the world, when the reality was, I crawled out of bed at 7:30.. which last week would have been 8:30 today (right?) feeling like I needed an extra hours sleep.

And I like this clock change.

Most of my conversations before the event went like this:

(I did have other conversations, about other things, this did not dominate my life, I just meant the conversations about the clock change)

“Don’t forget the clocks change on Sunday..”

“Of course! Do they go back or forward?”


“Is that the good one?  That’s the good one right?”

I mean, how could you forget the clocks were changing?  It’s not like every other post on Facebook would remind you.. or every tweet.. or every newspaper.. or every news channel.. or every blimp that was hired and subtly flown outside the office window..

(Ok the last one didn’t happen but it would have been cool).

Anyway.  It is done now.  Until March.

Where I get to suffer again at the hands of time.


Caught on Camera.. October 15, 2013

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I don’t know if I am the only one that does this.. 

And if I am, I may regret sharing this with you all..

But.  Here Goes. 

I was in the shower this morning (bear with me) and whilst I was in there I realised I was washing my hair like I would if I were in a shampoo advert.  

Then it got me to thinking what else I do in the same manner. 

And this is what I came up with.

– I often walk as if I am part of a music video when listening to music, miming to the music, looking down the camera.

– I hoover the house as if I am part of a Queen video … (All together now.. I want to break free..)

– I drive my car as if I am in a motor show, showing you all the pros and cons of my car.

– I sit in the passenger seat as if I am part of a death race.

– I watch tv as if I am going to be part of Surprise Surprise any moment.  Even when I am in my onesie I expect Cilla Black to walk in the door.

– I cook as if I am part of some “how to cook from jars in not a lot of time” show.  

– I do my shopping as if I were part of a Supermarket Sweep.  

Maybe it is because I watched The Truman Show a few years ago, and I imagine that my life is like his, Big Brother style.  Although it isn’t.  Or at least I hope it isn’t.  

Although I would put on a blooming good show.